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Posted: March 12rd_2018 CREATION OF THE FOURTH ROSATI SOCIETY Creation     of     the     Rosati     collective     in    Arras     by     Sylvain NOIZET,   owner   of   the   architecture   practice   Sylvain   Pierre Jean .
Invitro memorial_2018 ©Sylvain Pierre Jean architecture, France Paul street, EC2_2018 ©Stiff+Trevillion, London, UK Nanjing Youth center_2018 ©W2, Nanjing, China News News Downloads Downloads History History Presentation Presentation Constructions 3D, concrete 3d printer ©Sylvain Pierre Jean architecture Finishing the layouts ©Open-bulles
Posté le 10/06/2018 COMIC STRIP FESTIVAL  The independant drawers of Open-bulles are publishing a compilation of artworks for the comic strip festival of Anzin St Aubin. More informations on www.facebook.com/open.bulles
Posted: June 01st_2018 COMPETITION- PEACE MEMORIAL It’s   been   almost   a   hundred   years   since   the   November   11th 1918    armistice.    In    order    to    celebrate    the    event    in    an innovative   way,   the   Rosati   collective   invites   architects   and designers     to     express     their     crea-tivity     by     designing     a memorial     based     on     3d     printing     technology.     You     can download the rules of the competition here The   deadline   is   N ovember   11th   2018    at   11:11   (Paris   GMT). No admission fee. No registration needed.
Posted: May 18th_2018 BUILDING WITH ROBOTS The company Constructions 3D presents its concrete 3d printer able to print a house in one day. www.constructions-3d.com
Posted:April 16th_2018 ACCROSS THE CHANNEL The Rosati collective has crossed the channel with its two londonian partners.   www.stiffandtrevillion.com www.drmm.co.uk
Posted: March 29th_2018 THE COLLECTIVE ROSATI ON THE SILK ROAD The chinese architecture practice W2 architects joined the collective. Lately, W2 has been involved in the design of five art galleries in Shanghai with Jean Nouvel and Diller Scofidio+Renfro.