C o l l e c t i f   R O S A T I
I D E N T I T Y « the whole is more than the sum of its parts»  Aristotle Everyone   is   a   specialist   in   its   own   field   but   doesn’t   know   much   about   the   field   of   its   neigh- boor.   Architects   know   architecture,   sculptors   know   sculpture,   informaticians   the   informatic, industrials   the   industries…   The      Rosati    collective   aims   to   break   the   boudaries   between   fields of   activity   in   order   to   increase   innovation   and   reveal   talents.   The   collective   is   composed   of companies, freelances and associations involved in art, architecture and new technology.  «One plus one equal eleven»   Jean-Claude VanDamme We   are   stronger   together   than   alone   but   we   don’t   want   to   disappear   into   the   crowd. That’s   why the   collective   allows   to   each   member   to   benefit   from   the   weight   of   the   group   while   keeping   its own   identity   and   independance.      The   collective   is   based   on   a   free   association   around   common interests. Based    in    Arras_France,    it    gathers    more    than    200    people    divided    in    8    companies    and associations in France, China and in the United Kingdom. CONTACT Collectif Rosati T: +33 6 83 34 12 50 E: collectifrosati@outlook.fr
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